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Who am I?

Who Am I?

Hello and welcome! My name is Tariq Hawis and I am an active member in the security and open source community by answering to questions in technical forums and social networks; share fixes to bug tracking sites, and writing HowTo articles in my blog.

In my full time job I do security events analysis, security systems monitoring, white/black box analysis on web applications, and develop tools to automate my working tasks using python and bash languages. 

At my own lab, I like testing and benchmarking new and interesting cybersecurity tools to discover their abilities and features, such as SIEM, vulnerability scanning, penetration and forensics tools against virtual targets; and develop my own security and automation tools

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Latest Post

Why You Should Avoid Wordpress

Why You Should Avoid Wordpress

Published: Feb 29, 2020

WordPress is a web-based Content Management System -aka CMS- that allow users to create, manage, and modify content on a website, without needing to know anything about code.


Latest Writeup

Htb Under Construction Web Challange

Htb Under Construction Web Challange

HackTheBox is one of the greatest place to sharpen your skills when it comes to practising real life based penetration testing.

Latest Project

Introducing InjectBot v1.0

Introducing InjectBot v1.0

The first ever SQL Injection tool with GUI Interface, high speed results, and less intense on the target.